Vintage 2023 in the Winery



Vintage 2023 is wrapping up in the vineyard while work in the winery continues under the watchful eyes of our winemaking team, with the last whole bunch on Friday 10th March.⁠

⁠The gentle pressing cycle releases free run cuvée and minimizes phenolic extraction while maintaining fruit purity and acidity. Batches are pressed individually to maintain traceability back to each individual vineyard plot, an important quality assessment tool for viticulture and winemaking teams.⁠

⁠These luminous first pressings of free run cuvée will continue the méthode traditionnelle process to be transformed into our Premier Brut as premium cuvée juice is transferred to small format stainless steel tanks to settle and clarify for 48 hours, before it is racked, bright, to a stainless steel tank or French oak barrique for primary fermentation.⁠ The winemaking team keep a close eye on ferment batches as they continue on their journey. Each batch will be considered and assessed individually for malolactic fermentation.