Scenes from Vintage 2023



The first bunches of Chardonnay were raised in⁠ exaltation on the 17th February as we welcomed the beginning of harvest in our Karridale Vineyard.

A natural pep for the early mornings of vintage, the energy from the first harvests of the 2023 season has been contagious, as pristine Chardonnay parcels continue to be hand-harvested.

The viticulture and winemaking teams continue the precision dance to make harvest calls for each vineyard plot, working together to ensure the optimum balance of sugar, acidity and flavour in our Chardonnay. These hand-harvested Chardonnay parcels will soon rest chilled, overnight, after having safely made their way to the Idée Fixe winery, where they patiently await their imminent transformation.

Peruse the below scenes from the 2023 vintage so far.