The Merriment of Brunch



The best social occasions involve good company, good food and of course, a few savoured bottles shared between friends. Idée Fixe and Pep’s came together for Sunday Brunch earlier this month and it was just that – lively, fun and a delightful way to round out the weekend.

As the morning rolled into the afternoon, many glasses of Idée Fixe and intricate food pairings were enjoyed by those who came. Rossen + Cook curated a brunch menu featuring dishes to complemented the coastal notes of the Premier Brut and harness the light floral notes and textural tannins of the Brut Rosé. While it may have been cold and gloomy outside, an inviting glow and delicate hum was emanating from the Pep’s windows.

The merriment continues with new Sunday Brunch dates to be announced very soon. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and follow @ideefixe.offcial and @peps_wine_bar for all the latest updates.